You know what’s cute about Budweiser belt buckle? It is the novelty of the beer turned into collectible merchandise. It’s common knowledge that for men, beer is next to water. Hence, these Budweiser belt buckles would really be appreciated by your friends or love ones.

Check out the buckle collection and you will see that the buckles are neither simple nor dull. They are actually stunning in different ways. For example, take a look at the Budweiser beer can pewter belt buckle. It really has the look of the Budweiser beer can. It’s cute and funky and wearable as well. It has a single prong which fits belt upto 1 ½ inches wide. The belt measures about 3.75” in length and 2.5” in height.

Another dazzling belt buckle design is the Vintage Budweiser Paintree belt buckle. It’s a perfect gift for those who loves collecting vintage pieces. The buckle is actually a 1978 Budweiser collection. It features a cowboy holding a giant sized Budweiser bottle as big as his size. One word to describe this buckle is simply beautiful.

However, if you are a collector and wants to purchase every belt buckle in the market or if you want to buy all beer belt buckle merchandises you’ve laid your eyes on, the officially licensed western Budweiser buckle is a great find. It has a western scroll design with an elipse image of carriage and horses. The design is not just good for displays but it can also standard sized belts 1.5 inches in width. As an addition to your collection, this is really worth buying for.

Don’t you think it’s cute to wear something you often drink? Proudly wear these belt buckles and let everyone know you’re a cool guy.

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